Endless Ache

I miss you with every breath I take
An endless, wrenching ache
With every beat of my heart
I feel every mile that keeps us apart

Forever seems so long from far away
When all I want is to in your arms stay
Never leave my soul’s delight
In you I find my darkness’s light

The miles seem so long
It feels so very wrong
To be so far from my favorite soul
Feels like being not completely whole

Strong as a rock I may be
But even a rock can get weary
Every fiber of me would rather be with you
I’m so tired from feeling blue

I just want to rest in your embrace
I’m so lonely in this place
Living without my loving Daddy
Is so hard that I ache badly

I close my eyes and dream of ways
To spend with you all of my days
To be in your arms, such paradise
I’d forever rather be with you I hope you realize


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