Darkness lays across the land
A dark, dreary, oppressive hand
In every crevice is inky night
Trying to erase all light

No lingering trace to be found
No matter how much you miss the sound
Of laughter and smiles
Instead is the weight of a thousand miles

Once life was carefree
No worries, no stress, no misery
Instead it feels like failing
Gnashing of teeth and wailing

Nothing can clean this mess
It’s just constant, constant, constant stress
Day after day, night after night
Til you’re really weary of fighting the good fight

So much pressure, so much pain
So much to lose and so little to gain
Yet still you rise and try and try
Even though you just want to give up and cry

To everyone else you’re strong and resilient
But inside you feel wasted and spent
So much effort, so little to show
It’s hard to find some fucks you know

Hope, that one day it gets easier
That this is not the final chapter
Just a journey of a thousand steps
Where joy eventually will be found and kept


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