I lay beneath the inky night
Counting all my wounds and scars
All the tears of yesterday
Lingering on my soul
Weighed down by burdens
Too numerous to count
I lay here contemplating my existence
Why do I get up everyday and fight?
Weary to the very depth of me
I’m exhausted, inside and out
Constant struggle, constant stress
Inside I just want to scream
Happiness, in my relationships
And sadness too, because I feel like I’m failing
At being good at being in them
I’m good at messing up
Neediness, I want my Daddy
All the time
But I can’t always have him
Sad facts of my life
Branching out and trying to date
In today’s world
Is like trying to find a needle in a haystack
And I’ve not yet found a needle
Life is complicated, and exhausting
I feel defeated, most days
But still I rise
And greet the new day
Scarred, bruised
But never beaten
I’ll always fight
Even when I’m weary
Life isn’t all sunshine and roses
It’s got thorns that can cause anguish
And storms like you ain’t seen
But through it all I’m still standing
A weary rose, through and through

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