Thank You, Daddy

Thank You, Daddy

Raw, open

Nothing left unspoken

Every piece, every word

No doubting I’m heard

With all of my soul

I lay bare before you, not whole

Yet you treasure my every scar

Despite feeling like I’m tarred

From a lifetime of pain, of hurt

Always feeling like I was lower than dirt

The one who sees the beauty through the cracks

Telling me I was never the one who lacked

It was the fault of others who didn’t realize

That in their hands was an immense prize

You see worth where I thought there was none

So many tears, pain, I was so done

Then you walked into my life

When I was hovering on the edge of a knife

With patience and care you picked up the broken shards

All the hopeless cards

You shined light into the darkness of my heart

You tore my world apart

Where all was dark and grey

You were the rainbow that brightened my day

My world is now so full of color

Is it any wonder

That I love you with all of me

From now til eternity

I kneel before you, unguarded

Offering all of me that was discarded

My heart, my soul, my fears

A lifetime of broken tears

Never valued by the world

I offer them to you as your little girl

Knowing you’ll treasure, cherish,
this fragile thing I place in your hand

My love for you is so much more than grand

My love for you is more than all the stars in the sky

You’re it for me, you’re my why

Thank you for seeing value where others saw worthlessness

For caring to wade through all my mess

Thank you for never quitting

Even though it’s not been an easy road I’ve no trouble admitting

Our relationship is my rock and my strength

For you I would go to any length

Thank you for shining me with your light

For being willing to fight

Thank you for loving this broken soul

And using your love to make me whole


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